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Learner-Generated Digital Media

Welcome to the website of the Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) assignments. Digital media as an assessment tool in Higher Education is not new, it has its roots in the discipline of education, in pre-service teachers as a way to reflect on their placements. Five years ago, it became more established in other disciplines such as Science, Languages, Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

Research in the field of LGDM is in embryonic stages, under-theorised, under-researched and barely enough. Most of the research does not follow a systematic approach, and student training is neglected under the misconception of ‘digital natives’. Frameworks to implement LGDM in the classroom are rare, too technological or too pedagogical, which makes hard to contextualise them in different disciplines such as Science.

We define LGDM as any digital artifact produced by students to learn about the subject content and develop truly digital media literacies skills. These skills have been identified to be crucial for 21st-century professionals. Under the category of digital media, there are different types of artefacts such as podcast, digital story, animation, and video. Emerging technologies such as 360-degree videos, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are also part of LGDM. Although, VR and AR content is not easy to produce yet.

The purpose of this website is to disseminate our research in the field of LGDM assignments. Our team developed, implemented and evaluated theoretical frameworks to approach LGDM assignments systematically. The website has an area for educators to engage with our models and publications, but also with students to learn the Digital Media Principles. These principles are considered to be the grammar of the digital age and are essential to produce effective digital media artifacts.

We are looking forward to sharing and collaborating with everyone, from high school, undergraduate and postgraduate educators and students. Our resources are free, and we are always in search of new research partners, grant applications and further dissemination of LGDM.

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‘The digital media assignment it seemed extremely fluid and was easy to understand what was needed to be done, the assignment allowed students to take control of their learning which I believed got us to be more engaged and keen to produce a good piece of work. It helped in my case in particular that I was quite interested in the topic chosen.’

Pharmacology Student


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Learner-Generated Digital Media as an Assessment tool foster student research inquiry, communication skills, time management, group work, conflict resolution, creativity, digital media literacies skills and understanding of diversity.

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