About LGDM

In 2015, LGDM started in Science Education; Pharmacology 2 students, in 2016 our first research paper was published, and our initiative was rolled for first, second and third-year students. In Autumn 2017, we conducted a large study (n=1,650) to gauge how students self-regulate their learning with LGDM. We developed a novel mixed-methods approach framework. Publications are on the way, but so far the intervention showed to have a great outcome for students and educators. Currently, the team is formed by academics from four different Sydney metropolitan universities that have adopted our models and implemented LGDM in their curricula.

We have been presenting at International Conferences such as EdMedia, INTED, ASCILITE, Nordic Edge EdTech Know-how, and so on. We received an overwhelming response from our colleagues and decided to work seriously to disseminate LGDM as an assessment tool in the classroom.

Our vision is aligned with pedagogical and instructional design, digital media principles, training students and promoting group work and collaboration. We believe that guesswork in LGDM cannot continue, as it is unfair to ask students to produce LGDM if we cannot train them, develop a comprehensive rubric and help them how to succeed in this new type of assignment.

If you are a passionate educator looking to make the difference and use LGDM for your students to learn the subject content and to develop truly digital media literacies, you are in the right space.

Please visit the tab for educators for further information.